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Guess who! (#makeup & #wig test…it’ll be much better tomorrow-my wig isn’t even pinned on here haha! Just a quick try on) 💗#spoilers #Anna #frozen #tracihines #disney #disneyinsp #character #princessanna #disneyprincess #freckles #herewego

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Favorite Web Series - 1/5 - Life Lessons from a Hipster Marmaid



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Posting this embarrassing picture from prom 2005 to commemorate 9 YEARS of being with this guy. So glad we keep getting better and better as the years go by! I love you @andrewducote! I’m so happy you didn’t dump me when I did my hair like that 😳 Happy anniversary!

I has been too long since I’ve been on here! I haven’t abandoned it..just life got busy. School started up again, and I’m basically at that boring and…what am I doing with my life, stage of life.

Anyways, last time I checked I had 70 something followers. Now I have almost 300! I don’t know how that happened, but thank you so so much!

I will be back tomorrow

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Doctor Who Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Long Line Corset by castlecorsetry

Model: Traci Hines 
Photos: Greg De Stefano
Hair: Chrissy Lynn Stylist
Make Up by Siryn
Tutu: MTCoffinz Alternative Clothing
Dress: Castle Corsetry